Always Super Bowl Ad “Like a Girl” – Great Example of Purpose Branding

by Carrie Vanston on February 6, 2015

P&G’s Always Super Bowl Ad “Like a Girl” is such a great example of Purpose Branding — creating brand with a visionary purpose that makes a difference in the world.  Always isn’t just feminine products but “Rewriting the Rules” and changing “like a girl” to represent the strength, talent, character and downright amazingness of every girl.

As Entrepreneur notes so nicely, “Of course it’s no secret that a great many commercials from Super Bowls past put the emphasis on objectifying women rather than empowering them, so it’s gratifying to see the support for Always’ ongoing efforts to turn “like a girl” into a positive rather than a put down.”

You may want to consider the purpose-oriented trend in company culture and in branding for your own organization.


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