Five Keys to an Engaged & Innovative Culture

5-Keys-revolver-7-21-15-21To stay successful, organizations must constantly look for the latest emerging trends and incorporate the most relevant ones into their business strategy. Those that have the highest engagement of their most important creative resource—their employees—are the most likely to thrive. The Five Keys combine the process of finding emerging trends with engaging employees to optimize an organization’s culture and bottom line.

Five Keys to an Engaged and Innovative Culture:

  • Discover: Set up a team to scan the environment for minitrends that suggest opportunities that may lead to profitable products or processes. Use inclusionary tactics to gather input from a broad group to encourage even more engagement.
  • Develop: Great ideas often come from colleagues. Encourage all employees to hear guest speakers, attend conferences, participate in professional activities, and connect with their community.
  • Connect: Integrating fun and humor into the innovative process in tangable ways leads to a more creative and imaginative culture.
  • Collaborate: Have processes to access to decide which minitrends have potential for successful implementation. Include the expertise and experience of a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Incorporate: Choices can include a new ventures, improvements in present products or processes, or acquiring or partnering with other companies. The most successful ideas pave the way for the next round of minitrends just around the curve.

These Five Keys provide organizations with the crucial elements of engagement and innovation to create the best future for the organization and its stakeholders.

For more on how we can assist to grow innovative and dynamic cultures around purpose and an improved bottom-line, please see our Services pages or contact Carrie Vanston at (512) 258-8898 or We are happy to offer a free half-hour consulting session.

Carrie Vanston is VP of Communications at Technology Futures, Inc. and  excels at helping clients create and grow innovative cultures by finding and profiting from emerging trends with maximum engagement by all stakeholders. She is developer of the Five Keys for an Engaged and Innovative Cultures and Co-Author of the award-winning book MINITRENDS: How Innovators & Entrepreneurs Discover & Profit From Business & Technology Trends. Articles by Ms. Vanston have recently appeared in Texas CEO Magazine and Austin Business Journal.

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