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Do you want to create and grow innovative cultures by combining foresight with maximum engagement by all stakeholders? If so, this blog is for you as it focuses on how you can combine staying on top of trends with engaging your most important creative resource–your leadership and employees to create and grow your best business. MiniTrends are emerging trends that will become significant in 2-5 years but are not yet generally recognized.

By cultivating a “MiniTrends Mindset” of constantly keeping a look-out for minitrends, you provide a means for finding and utilizing interesting ideas, preferably that you and your employees feel passionate about, while increasing your ability and that of your company to stay at the top of the technology and business curve.

We’d all love to have great ideas fall down regularly on us from heaven above, but that doesn’t happen to most of us all that often. Serial innovators–and successful businesses–know that the best way to get new ideas is to consistently tap into that imaginative and passionate part of all of us.  Challenging, but important, if you are to stay on the cutting edge of emerging trends in business and technology. And increasingly important in the constantly changing environment of today.

The MiniTrends blog, along with the MiniTrends WebsiteMINITRENDS book, MiniTrends LinkedIn GroupMiniTrends Facebook Fan Page and MiniTrends Twitter, provides tools to cultivate your imagination by consistently tapping into that imaginative and passionate part of you, and then gives you ways to take those ideas to the next step.

Along with helping you on your “MiniTrends Adventure,” we also welcome your input. Do you have a MiniTrends story to share? Can you point us to a news item we missed? Do you have something to add to the discussion, or a different take on one of our stories? We want to hear from you, whether by commenting on our blog, sending email, or calling us. We want to hear about MiniTrends you have discovered and about your own process for capitalizing on them.

Please feel free to write, phone, or comment anytime. You’ll receive a prompt reply and our gratitude for helping improve the MiniTrends blog and the MiniTrends process, just as we hope the MiniTrends blog improves your business situation, financial standing, and personal satisfaction.

Best regards,

Carrie Vanston
MiniTrends Blog Editor

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