MiniTrends 2014 Videos & Slides

Below are videos, slides and resource material for the MiniTrends 2014 Conference hosted by Technology Futures, Inc. on September 26, 2014 in Austin Texas. Click on the title to open slides. Click on names for bios. Not all presenters used slides. Please contact conference presenter(s) or Technology Futures, Inc. regarding reproducing presentation materials and sourcing information.

Minitrends 2014 Conference: Insight, Innovation & Strategy

MiniTrends 2014: Insight, Innovation & Strategy

Bios, Slides & Videos
Password for videos: vanston

Friday, September 26, 2014

8:30–8:55 am — Introduction and TakeawayCarrie VanstonVice President, Communications, Technology Futures, Inc. Slides

8:55-9:30 am — The Importance of MiniTrend to Your Business’ Continuing SuccessDr. John H. Vanston, Chairman, Technology Futures, Inc. Slides & Video

9:30 am-10:50 am — Keynote: The Knowable Future: A Strategic Context for MiniTrends David Pearce SnyderConsulting Futurist, The Snyder Family Enterprise; Contributing Editor, The Futurist Magazine SlidesVideo

10:50 am-11:00 am — Networking Break

11:00 am-11:20 am —  Featured: Experience Rules: How Sensory Branding Drives ProfitJoyce GioiaPresident/CEO, The Herman Group; CEO, Employer of Choice, Inc.; Road Warrior of the Year, USA TODAY SlidesVideo

11:20 am-12 noon  Where Your MiniTrends Hide Carrie Vanston, Vice President, Communications, Technology Futures, Inc. SlidesVideo

12:00 noon–1:00 pm — Lunch (Provided)

1:00–1:50 pm — The Intersection of Culture and InnovationBrett Hurt, Founder and Vice-Chair, Bazaarvoice; Owner, Hurt Family Investments Slides & Video

1:50–2:10  Featured: Musings of a Wild Duck on a Big PondDr. Jani Byrne, Director of Marketing, Cloud at IBM  Video

2:10–2:20 pm — Networking Break

2:202:45 pm — Integrating MiniTrends into Your Organization’s Strategic PlanningDr. John H. Vanston, Chairman, Technology Futures, Inc.

2:453:35 pm — Expert Panelists: Practical Application of MiniTrends Video of Panel

Introduction —Carrie Vanston, (Moderator) Vice President, Communications, Technology Futures, Inc. 

Fast Track Your Innovation and Process Development Steve Pearson, Lead Strategist, Founder, The Pearson Strategy Group  Slides (video link above)

    —Strategic Drivers and Constraints for Minitrend Innovations Dr. Lawrence Vanston, President, Technology Futures, Inc.  Slides (video link above)

    —The Role of MiniTrends in Innovation Strategy Raj Asava, Chief Executive Officer, Asava Consulting Slides (video link above)

    —Money, MiniTrends and Making of a Market Jeffrey Fry, Chief Executive, Profit Prophet; Principal, Well Beyond  Care;  Director/CMO,  MainGain;  Executive Director, Firefly Funds  Slides (video link above)

3:35–3:45 pm — Networking Break to Breakout Groups

3:454:35 pm — Meeting the Experts: Breakout Groups to Discuss Attendees Special Areas of Interest

4:35–5:00 pm —
Action Plan: Promoting Innovation in Your Own Company,
 Slides & Video

5:005:10 pm — The Next Normal David Pearce Snyder, Consulting Futurist, The Snyder Family Enterprise; Contributing Editor, The Futurist Magazine Video

5:10–5:25 pm  “Follow Your Bliss” — Launch Your Own MiniTrends AdventureDr. John H. VanstonChairman, Technology Futures, Inc. Slides & Video

5:25–5:30 pm — Closing Remarks on MiniTrendsCarrie Vanston, Vice-President, Communications, Technology Futures, Inc. Slides

5:45–7:15 pm — Reception

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