MiniTrends 2014: Insight, Innovation & Strategy

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Minitrends 2014 Conference: Insight, Innovation & Strategy

MiniTrends Conference Video
See what all the excitement is about!

Turbo-Charge your Company’s Profit and Success!

Attend this one day conference where ten all-star visionaries and thought-leaders will share how you can help your company thrive in today’s business environment.

Stay on the cutting-edge of your industry by combining MiniTrends methodologies and stakeholder engagement with your innovation strategies.

Mintirends Keynote Speaker: David Pearce Snyder, Futurist and Contributing Editor, The Futurist

Keynote: David Pearce Snyder, Futurist

See and Leverage Trends — BEFORE They Hit!

Look through a matrix of many emerging trends – MiniTrends – to find the essential macro-changes that you must anticipate to be successful as the future unfolds.

Learn six proven ways to find, analyze, and profit from the most important MiniTrends for your organization.

Remain relevant, timely and profitable – Be the first to develop MiniTrends for opportunity and profit.

MiniTrends 2014 Conference Keynote - Brett Hurt, Founder, Co-Chair, Bazaarvoice

Keynote: Brett Hurt,
Bazaarvoice Founder

Embrace Avenues to Innovation! 

INSIGHT: Discover what is coming for your industry; be open to ideas; find strategies to innovate within your company!

CULTURE: Cultivate the ‘heart’ of your organization to support innovation; apply new ideas as “secret sauce” for seizing new markets and opportunities to strengthen your bottom line
STRATEGY: Gain a competitive advantage through MiniTrends methodologies combined with your innovation strategies; gain from direct interaction with industry experts, futurists and thought leaders.

If This is You, This Conference Is A MUST!

ANALYSTS: Business, Marketing, Competitive, Market Acceptance

MiniTrends 2014 Speaker - Jani Byrne, Dr. Jani Byrne, Director, Marketing – Global Mid-Market, MSP, Enterprise, IBM

Dr. Jani Byrne, Dir of Mktg, Cloud, IBM

DEVELOPMENT MANAGERS: Technology, Strategy, Product, Delivery

STRATEGISTS: Technology, Business, Product, Partnerships, Channel

RESEARCH MANAGERS: New Product, Technology, Science, Materials, Methodologies


You Will Take Away…

  • Innovation Insight: 

    • Examine the predictable forces that are reshaping our business and technology environment.
    • Learn 20 knowable future trends that you must be prepared for.
    • Understand how the MiniTrends Concept can be key for continuing success.
    • Use this foundational foresight to build an innovation thought-process and strategy throughout the conference day.

      Dr. John Vanston, Chairman, TFI, Author, MINITRENDS

  • Innovation Skills: 
    • Discover seven approaches for identifying minitrends.
    • Learn eight resources to find where minitrends hide.
    • Appreciate the vital role of leadership in promoting an innovation culture where employee creativity becomes the innovative “heart” of the organization.
    • See how appreciating all stakeholders, not just stockholders, is the “secret sauce” of success.
    • Find and share minitrends of your own with fellow attendees.
  • Innovation Strategies:
    • Accelerate your innovation and process development.

      MiniTrends 2014 Conference Featured Speaker, Joyce Gioia, President/CEO, The Herman Group; CEO, Employer of Choice, Inc." and Road Warrior of the Year, USA TODAY

      Featured: Joyce Gioia,
      Road Warrior of the Year, USA TODAY

    • Find the exogenous drivers and constraints that can help with decision making.
    • Leverage minitrends in market strategy development.
    • Use minitrends in making a market for a new product or service.
    • Benefit from personal interaction with conference speakers during special session.
    • Bring back ideas and strategies for you and your team.
    Conference Bonus! Free copy of award-winning book MINITRENDS: How Innovators & Entrepreneurs Discover & Profit From Business & Technology TrendsConference Bonus!! 
    Copy of  award-winning book MINITRENDS: How Entrepreneurs & Innovators Discover & Profit From Business & Technology Trends, by Dr. John Vanston and Carrie Vanston.


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