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Minitrends 2014 Conference: Insight, Innovation & Strategy

MiniTrends Conference Schedule

Thursday, September 26, 2014
Pre-Conference Meet and Greet 7:00-8:00 pm

Friday, September 26, 2014
8:30 am – 5:30 pm, Reception 5:30 – 7:15 pm


8:30–8:55 am Introductions and Takeaways
Carrie VanstonVice President, Communications, Technology Futures, Inc. 

8:55-9:30 am The Importance of MiniTrends to Your Business’ Continuing Success
Dr. John H. Vanston, Chairman, Technology Futures, Inc.

9:30 am-10:50 am Keynote: The Knowable Future: A Strategic Context for MiniTrends
David Pearce Snyder, Consulting Futurist, The Snyder Family Enterprise; Contributing Editor, The Futurist Magazine

10:50 am-11:00 am — Networking Break

11:00 am-11:20 am —  Featured: Experience Rules: How Sensory Branding Drives Profit
Joyce GioiaPresident/CEO, The Herman Group; CEO, Employer of Choice, Inc.; Road Warrior of the Year, USA TODAY

11:20 am-12 noon — Where Your MiniTrends Hide
– Carrie Vanston, Vice President, Communications, Technology Futures, Inc.

12:00 noon–1:00 pm — Lunch (Provided)

1:00–1:50 pm — Keynote: The Intersection of Culture and Innovation
Brett Hurt, Founder and Vice-Chair, Bazaarvoice; Owner, Hurt Family Investments

1:50–2:10 Featured: Musings of a Wild Duck on a Big Pond
Dr. Jani Byrne, Director of Marketing, Cloud at IBM

2:10–2:20 pm — Networking Break

2:202:45 pm — Integrating MiniTrends into Your Organization’s Strategic Planning
Dr. John H. Vanston, Chairman, Technology Futures, Inc

2:453:35 pm Expert Panelists: Practical Application of MiniTrends
Carrie Vanston, (Moderator) Vice President, Communications, Technology Futures, Inc.
—Fast Track Your Innovation and Process Development —  Steve Pearson, Lead Strategist, Founder, The Pearson Strategy Group
—Strategic Drivers and Constraints for Minitrend Innovations –Dr. Lawrence Vanston, President, Technology Futures, Inc.
The Role of MiniTrends in Innovation Strategy — Raj Asava, Chief Executive Officer, Asava Consulting
—Money, MiniTrends and Making of a Market -– Jeffrey Fry, Chief Executive, Profit Prophet; Principal, Well Beyond Care; Director/CMO, MainGain; Executive Director, Firefly Funds

3:35–3:45 pm — Networking Break to Breakout Groups

3:454:35 pm Meeting the Experts: Breakout Groups to Discuss Attendees Special Areas of Interest

4:355:00 pm — Action Plan: Promoting Innovation in Your Own Company

5:005:10 pm — The Next Normal
David Pearce Snyder, Consulting Futurist, The Snyder Family Enterprise; Contributing Editor, The Futurist Magazine 

5:10–5:25 pm “Follow Your Bliss” — Launch Your Own MiniTrends Adventure
Dr. John H. Vanston,Chairman, Technology Futures, Inc.

5:25–5:30 pm Closing
Carrie Vanston, Vice-President, Communications, Technology Futures, Inc.

5:45–7:15 pm Reception

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