MiniTrends Speaker – Jeffrey Fry

MIniTrends 2013 Conference Speaker - Jeffrey Fry, Principal, Help Find Care

Jeffrey Fry

Principal, Well Beyond Care; Chief Executive, Profit Prophet; Director/CMO, ManeGain; Board Member, baqpak; Executive Director, Firefly Funds; Executive Director, SHINE Night; President, SEDA RICO, LLC

Video Footage - Jeffrey Fry, Profit Prophet

Video Footage – Jeffrey Fry, Profit Prophet talking about his socially conscious health start-up.

Jeffrey Fry has over twenty-five (25) years business experience in industries as diverse as semiconductors, broadband and wireless communications systems, and computer hardware within Fortune 250 technology companies as well as helping over two dozen startups develop and market their products. Jeffrey is considered an expert in marketing, sales, total quality management and continuous quality improvement, and maintains two blogs: one on marketing and sales ( and one on quotations ( as well as managing his daily Fryday mailer.

Most recently, Jeffrey has launched a new type of in-home healthcare service that empowers healthcare service professionals to go into business for themselves while better connecting in-home healthcare needs. Riding the minitrend of baby boomer parents needing innovative ways to care for their parents, this model empowers all stakeholders and drives the cost of home healthcare down.

Jeffrey has implemented many successful business development programs while at Texas Instruments, Fairchild, Harris, and Philips. These programs significantly in­creased short and long-term revenue growth. During this period, it is estimated that he has generated over $4.5 billion in sales and saved over $1 billion in costs for his em­ployers.

Jeffrey also co-founded COAX Corporation (a broadband communications firm), founded Carmin Octon Corporation (distributor) and Echotouch (electronic interactive billboard) founded Videodisgo, co-founded MYTURF Wireless, founded Help Find Care, co-founded, co-founded ManeGain,  and started the networking group SHINENight.  He presently runs Profit Prophet, a consulting concerned aimed at helping startups move from concept into revenues and profits; and manages SEDA RICO and Firefly Fund, two investment companies.

Jeffrey re­ceived his BS in Electrical Engineering from Lafayette College, and attended St. Edwards University as part of his Master’s of Business Administration studies.

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