How Innovators & Entrepreneurs
Discover & Profit From
Business & Technology Trends

by John H. Vanston, Ph.D.

with Carrie Vanston

Published by Technology Futures, Inc.




“The objective of this book is quite simple—to provide you, the reader, with information, insights, and suggestions that will materially improve your business situation, your financial standing, and your personal satisfaction.” (p. xiii)

“The basic premise of MINITRENDS is that the trend is already emerging, that its significance is not widely recognized, that it promises to become significant within two to five years, and that the Minitrend will provide a special advantage to those who identify and appreciate its implications and importance.” (p. 141)

“Minitrend followers are dreamers looking for adventure, and commitment to the MINITREND concept can make the adventure intriguing, exciting, and lucrative.” (p. 185)

“In 1983 it was the opinion of most telecommunications experts that the (cell) phones were too big, too expensive, and too limited in capability to ever serve more than a niche market. Our consultants at TFI, however predicted that wireless telephony would compete effectively with wireline service by the late 1990s.” (p. 39)

“Although there are many factors that determine how trends and events develop, usually individuals are the drivers of how the future plays itself out.” (p. 29)

“In searching for emerging MiniTrends, you must combine curiosity and openness of mind with a discipline that ensures ideas are carefully examined, considered, and recorded. Good ideas must be carefully nourished.” (p. 66)

“The most common characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is not initiative, drive, imagination, or the other qualities generally associated with such people, but rather exceptionally good health.” ( p. 179)

“A major reason some start-up enterprises survive and, indeed prosper, is their ability to recognize and take advantage of MiniTrends.” (p. 16)

“At one time, Southwest Airlines was the largest distributor of hard liquor in the State of Texas.” (p. 174)

“Nobody ever asked for a microwave oven or a Frappuccino or a Website until they had seen one.” (p. 143)

“For more than thirty years, I have assisted companies, government agencies, and academic institutions in the conduct of technology forecasts.” (p. 186)

“The famed mythologist Joseph Campbell encouraged his followers to ‘Follow your Bliss.’ I hope that embarking on a MINITREND Adventure will assist you in following your own bliss.” (p. 186)


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