MiniTrends 2012 Conference Keynote Speaker – Byron Reese

Byron Reese

Chief Innovation Officer, Demand Media



Byron Reese brings his vast technical understanding to illuminate how today’s technology can solve many of our biggest global challenges. He speaks with the unrivaled authority of an accomplished high-tech trailblazer, inventor, and entrepreneur, and the wisdom of a life-long historian.

Byron’s enthusiasm and talent for deciphering our common destiny is overshadowed only by his inspiring sense of optimism. Reese started his first business as an undergraduate at Rice  University. Two companies he started were later sold:  Hot Data, ultimately to Pitney Bowes; and PageWise, the parent company of, to Demand Media.

He currently serves as Chief Innovation Officer for Demand Media, overseeing research and development. The company has filed and received patents on Reese’s work in disciplines from crowdsourcing to content creation to psychographics.

Reese has served on both public and private boards of directors, has started several non-profit organizations and has just completed the forthcoming book, Infinite Progress: How Technology and the Internet Will End Ignorance, Disease, Hunger, Poverty, and War.

Byron graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rice University with a degree in Honors Economics. There he gained distinction when he started his first company which orchestrated elaborate practical jokes for its customers.

To find out more about Byron, visit his website A History of the Future.



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