MiniTrends Speaker – Suzyn Barrientos

MiniTrends 2014 Conference Speaker - Suzyn Barrientos, Leadership & Sales Consultant and Coach, Solara Performance

Suzyn Barrientos

Leadership & Sales Consultant and Coach, Solara Performance


Suzyn has 15 years experience in multiple Industries here and aboard; Increasing Corporate Agility-Fitness through Dynamic Sales and Leadership Performance

Her mission work with companies is to achieve goals and results, through a dynamic operational strategy that is grounded in alignment, accountability, customer needs, and brand value.

Upon that foundation, a performance system can be created and repeated which allows businesses to realize continuously unprecedented goals and growth.

Suzyn’s work is two-fold;  she works with leadership to create the solid foundation for their next endeavors, and then she works with the Sales and Customers Teams to create a high performance system that is repeatable to execute on goals and endeavors.


Working 1×1 with Leadership or in experiential training, to rise to the next level of performance, in communication, organization, time management, focus, people development and overall management style

Turn non-producing or mediocre performing sales teams to fully aligned in action teams hitting and exceeding plan.

Creating powerful “sales models”, that give reps accountability; create performance consistency which helps Managers/Directors easily coach to develop their teams.

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