Speaking Endorsements

John H. Vanston, Ph.D.

Chairman, Technology Futures, Inc.

Author, MINITRENDS: How Entrepreneurs & Innovators Discover & Profit From Business & Technology Trends

Speaking Focus Areas: MINITRENDS: Finding and Profiting From Emerging Trends; Technology Forecasting

Dr. John Vanston gives presentations, seminars and workshops on the future of technology and how MiniTrends can improve your business situation, financial standing, and personal satisfaction.

Speaker Bio and Presentations/Workshops Overview

Speaking Endorsements

“On behalf of all of us, thank you for a wonderful evening last night in Los Angeles. The large and enthusiastic crowd was totally involved in your cogent and concise treatise. We appreciate your taking the time and effort to share your time and perspective.”
—Seena Sharp, Vice-President, Programs, Association for Strategic Planning

“I first heard John Vanston speak in 1994. His insights into the emerging Internet technologies were pivotal in shaping my own view and interest in pursuing their application to the larger challenges we now face globally.”
—Dave Evans, Author, Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

“Your presentation last week was outstanding! The time and effort involved in preparation, and your willingness to share so many valuable insights were greatly appreciated. On behalf of the program committee and everyone who was with us, I want to thank you for helping to make the meeting a tremendous success! We hope to have you with us again at a future meeting.”
—Margaret R. Grucza, Executive Director, Industrial Research Institute, Inc.

“Thank you for speaking at our event last evening. Your presentation was packed with usable ‘how to’ information and real life examples about where business and technology are heading. We particularly appreciated hearing about how to find trends and take action to prosper from them. Delivered with just the right amount of humor, the presentation was full of information and insight and presented in a way that was easily understood by all in attendance.”
—Terry B. Newman, Strategic Plan Liaison, The University of Texas Rotary Club

“I recently attended the Austin Chapter of the World Future Society meeting at which Dr. John Vanston discussed techniques that he had developed for recognizing, evaluating, and taking advantage of emerging technology trends. I found the techniques original, practical, and useful. His clear, down to earth manner and examples based on his long experience in technology assessment added to the presentation. I was so impressed with the presentation and its wide appeal to business professional as well as engineers, I have invited Dr. Vanston make a similar presentation to the next meeting of the IEEE CTS Consultants Network.”
—Kai Wong, Chairman, IEEE CTS Consultants Network

“Excellent presentation, well thought-out and highly motivating.”
–World Future Society

“Starting with the advantages of high education in engineering and personal work in technology, John Vanston has over the years led seminar sessions with thousands of experienced and well-supported managers and technical staffers in exploring and exchanging views and experiences on how to discover and exploit fresh new business opportunities. With the MiniTrends Concept he shares what he has learned from this extraordinarily rich input. This makes MiniTrends, in my view, not a cookbook or short list of catchy topics, but rather a rich collection of ways to prod and refresh creative thinking to achieve future technological innovation.”
—Karl Vesper, Ph.D., Kent R. Hance Distinguished Visiting Regents Chair in Entrepreneurship, Texas Tech University, University of Washington

“I first heard John Vanston speak in 1994. His insights during his presentation into emerging Internet technologies were pivotal in shaping my own view and interest in pursuing their application to the larger challenges we now face globally. MINITRENDS continues this work, with insights, lessons, and cases that are relevant and provocative. I highly recommend this book.”—Dave Evans, Author, Social Media Marketing: The Next Generation of Business Engagement

“You have educated the members of this group about a subject we need to know more about and we are grateful for your time and expertise. A larger percent of Wednesday’s audience came up to me and thanked me for getting you as the speaker than has occurred at any previous meeting.”
—John S. Woods, President, Foreign Service Group



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