MiniTrends 2012 Conference Speaker – Rick Smyre

Rick Smyre

President, Center for Communities of the Future; Owner, Strategic Concepts, Inc.


Rick is an internationally recognized futurist. Over the last fifteen years he has pioneered the concept of “community transformation” and has keynoted and presented at over three hundred events in the US, Scotland, England and Canada including the World Future Society Conference since 1994. His present focus is on developing networks of people and organizations interested in the emerging concepts of Transformational Learning, Master Capacity Builder, and Creative Molecular Economy.

Rick has worked for twenty years as President of the Center for Communities of the Future to pioneer a new concept of community transformation in parallel with community development. He is particularly interested in and experienced with how to create a culture conducive to change in support of continuous innovation. Rick’s work emphasizes innovative concepts, methods, and techniques connected with the Communities of the Future idea in collaboration with a network of over 1000 individuals in forty-six states and six countries.

Widely respected for his radical innovations and creativity related to community transformation, he is published in four countries. Before founding COTF, Rick was president of a textile yarn-manufacturing firm, on staff at the national Economic Development Institute, and Chairman of the American Association of Retirement Communities.

Rick Smyre lives in North Carolina in the USA and has been married for 45 yrs with three children. He graduated in history from Davidson College in 1964 and chemistry and economic degrees from North Carolina State University in 1968.

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