MiniTrends 2012 Speaker – Luis Medina

Minitrends Expert Panelist: Luis Medina, CEO, Tech BA

Dr. Luis Medina

CEO of Tech BA, an Initiative of the Government of Mexico partnering with the IC2 Institute of The University of Texas


Dr. Medina has an extensive career in the business world as well as in academia both in Mexico and the US. Although initially Luis worked in academia where he taught, did research and published, the majority of his experience is in industry where he has worked for 30 years, first as an engineer and rapidly becoming an entrepreneur.

He started his career as an engineer generating inventions in digital image processing, multiprocessor architecture, and software algorithms. Luis managed more than 20 products and industrial systems ranging from minicomputer modules to complex test equipment, complete software packages and state of the art scientific facilities.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Medina founded, organized, negotiated and secured financing for two successful technology companies in Mexico.

His academic experience includes teaching 34 courses at university level, developing 6 short extension courses, advising 15 thesis projects, giving 14 invited lectures at several symposia and publishing 16 papers and technical documents. In the business world he is a frequent guest and keynote speaker at international events and at the Red McCombs business school of the University of Texas.

For the last five years he has been the CEO of TechBA Austin, an initiative of the Government of Mexico in partnership with the IC2 Institute of The University of Texas, to help Mexican technology companies enter the US market. In this position he has interviewed almost 500 companies from which TechBA selected and trained over 100. Of that group, TechBA helped 60 to define and successfully implement their business plan to enter the US market in a large variety of segments.

Dr. Medina graduated from the National University in Mexico as a mechanical-electrical engineer specialized in control, communications and electronics and he earned a PhD in Information Sciences from the California Institute of Technology (CalTech).


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