MiniTrends 2013 Conference Speaker – Stacy Zoern


MiniTrends 2013 Conference Speaker - Stacy-Zoern, CEO, Community Cars, Inc.

Stacy Zoern

CEO, Community Cars




Stacy has Spinal Muscular Atrophy and has never walked. A published author, at the age of twenty years she wrote a memoir entitled “I Like to Run Too: Two Decades of Sitting.” She is also a public speaker and is well connected to the disability community.

Dependent on others for much of her daily personal care, and on an electric wheelchair for mobility, she strives for independence wherever possible. She drove a van for a short period when she was 19, but despite the $50,000 in vehicle modifications that were made; she was not strong enough to safely operate such a large vehicle. She has spent her adult life relying on others to drive her in a van with a lift that she is unable to operate herself.

After discovering on the internet a low speed electric vehicle purpose built for people with disabilities, she wanted one immediately. When she learned the Hungarian company had shelved the project for lack of resources, she started her own corporation and raised the funds needed to get the Kenguru vehicle in the marketplace.

She understands firsthand how vastly the lives of over 25 million people with mobility impairments worldwide will expand when they are provided with a safe, easy to drive, inexpensive option to travel independently in their neighborhoods; whether to work, school, the grocery store, or friends’ homes.

Prior to Community Cars, Stacy Zoern practiced intellectual property litigation, with an emphasis on patent litigation. Ms. Zoern also has experience with professional malpractice, breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation and unjust enrichment litigation. Ms. Zoern spent one year clerking for Magistrate Judge Pitman at the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas and is an accomplished researcher and brief writer. She has also coordinated document preservation and discovery efforts in multi-patent and commercial litigation.

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