MiniTrends 2013 Speaker – Andre Angel

MiniTrends 2013 Conference Speaker - Andre Angel, Tango Tab

Andre Angel

Co-founder/CEO at TangoTab; Co-Founder/Chairman, WorkMeter; Co-founder, Servoyant, LLC; Co-Founder/Chairman, CODEKKO Software


Video - Andre Angel, Tango Tab

Video Footage – Andre Angel speaking about TangoTab and its mission to feed the hungry.

Andre brings more than 20 years of global entrepreneurial and executive experience in sales and marketing, enterprise software, Software as a Service (SaaS), turnarounds, information technology and telecommunication.

Andre has founded many successful technology businesses. His latest venture, TangoTab, helps restaurants take control of their marketing initiatives and fill their empty seats when they need them most, and without any risk.

Prior to TangoTab, he co-founded and currently serves on the boards of CODEKKO Software – a leader in server optimization and application performance; Servoyant – a unification SaaS platform for proactive, self-healing device and IT infrastructure management; WorkMeter – a SaaS employee productivity quantification and management solution; and NTR North America – the global leader in clientless remote support software [Recently Acquired: ASG].

Previously, Andre transformed Expertcity Inc., the maker of GoToMeeting, from a consumer product company into a profitable Enterprise solution provider and positioned the company for an acquisition by Citrix [Nasdaq: CTXS]. Prior to Expertcity, Andre co-founded and served as President and CEO of Elastic Edge Inc. – a content delivery company that solved last mile problems and the large content to millions of end-users, which was acquired by BackWeb Technologies [Nasdaq: BWEB].

Before Andre’s involvement in enterprise software companies, he served as Global Vice President of Sales, Marketing and e-Business at Nortel Networks. As Nortel’s youngest executive, Andre held various leadership positions where he developed a reputation for his entrepreneurial, strategic and operational skills. He is credited with setting the vision for the transformation of Nortel Networks into e-Business, then creating and leading Nortel’s $9.6 billion in electronic commerce business. As a result, Nortel Networks was recognized in notable publications as a “Global Top 10” Player in e-Business. Andre also served as the CIO of Nortel’s Service Providers, $17 billion division. He successfully started several businesses including Nortel’s Professional Services organization that grew to over $1 billion. He also initiated and led the Alternate Software Delivery program and managed its growth to $450 million within three years.

Andre holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto, speaks numerous languages fluently, participates in a variety of sports and is a concert pianist.

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