9-Expert Panel 3 Intro Slide

by Helen Mary Marek on October 18, 2013

9-Expert Panel 3 Intro Slide

Expert Panel Three: Help is Here: How and where you can get advice and assistance for translating an uncovered minitrend into a successful, value-driven business opportunity
Vicki Flaugher, (Moderator) Digital Strategist, Speaker, and Author of “Famous in Your Niche: Building Your Digital Celebrity For Fun and Profit.”
Bijoy Goswami, Cofounder & Evangelist at ATX Equation, The Bootstrap, Aviri Consulting; Founder, Organizer, Bootstrap Network; CEO, Aviri Inc.
Joy Miller, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, City of Austin Small Business Development Program
Eve Richter, VP of Community & Partnerships, door64

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